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All You Ever Wanted: My Kindle Vella Story!

Readers! I am excited to share my latest project with you, titled: All You Ever Wanted! The web serial is available on Kindle Vella and explores the concept of young love from the perspective of Ellie Walker, the protagonist.

Below is the complete story description!

Ellie Walker is a high school student at St. Vincent's. She lives in the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts, with her mother, a nurse, and father, a literary agent. Despite struggles at home, Ellie makes the most of her environment. As a studious young woman who hopes to attend Yale University, Ellie tends to shun both boys and theatrics. But when a new neighbor moves in, she begins to question her world.

Right now my plan is to release 1-2x episodes per month.

Stay tuned!

//Last Updated: 7 Nov 2021//

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